South Africa

A trio of amazing properties in the heart of the world! The beauty and hospitality of South Africa is on full display at these three distinct luxury vacation villas. The northern section of the country is the best spot on earth to experience South African Safaris. The landscape is nothing short of spectacular and the amenities nothing shy of awesome. The adventurer and the seeker of relaxation will both find something special in each of these luxury vacation rentals. Whether it’s hiking and exploring the bush or seeing one of the big five in their natural habitat (Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Elephants, and buffalo) or relaxing in a fully staffed spa drinking the best wine South Africa has to offer. This is a life changing experience for anyone.

A private game guide, a personal Land Rover, an African Farmhouse, Safari walks, Spa’s, Wine, tennis and a private chef, all in one place… sounds amazing. Castleton offers that and more, all in the beauty of the South African countryside. A full staff compliment will insure every second of the day is amazing and memorable. The immaculate beauty of the landscape blends perfectly with the architecture. While the outdoor fireplaces highlight the magnificence of an African night.

Private guided game tours bring you up close and personal with the best wildlife the world has to offer. Guided safari walks let you enjoy the countryside at a slower pace while seeing the more elusive game. The pools allow you to cool off and relax before a personal massage or a private home cooked meal. It’s not very often you get a place so rustic yet so well equipped. This villa was created with one goal in mind, combine the greatness of a private safari lodge with the touch of a traditional farmhouse.

If the idea of a family retreat, made for big cat lovers and photography addicts, is more up your alley this next property is the one for you. Ebony lodge is a truly unique experience with everything from relaxation to family outings to star gazing to plunge pools!

With two family suites side by side this is the perfect place to be with family and have time alone when you need it. Located on over 45,000 acres known for their big cat sightings this is one of the few places on earth to see big game in their natural habitat. The kids will love the wildlife and the photographer will never get an experience so tailored to their dreams. Outdoor decks hang above the riverbanks giving the whole place a laid-back feel, while providing the utmost of luxury. Once the sun goes down the stars come out in full force. For most of us the sky is normally obstructed by light and pollution, not here. Just imagine being able to bask in the full glory of the heavens with your family and friends.

After a long day with the family a private massage and spa experience will carry you away to relaxation. The wine cellar is world renowned and waiting for you. Balance must be found in all things and this is the place to find it.
Maybe it’s time for the kids to stay home though, a time for just the two of you to reconnect. Lebombo Lodge the place when you need a perfect romantic getaway! This is made for a lovers’ retreat, seated high above the N’wanetsi river this loft like villa offers some of the best views in the world. The romance of the countryside blends into your relationship. This villa has a profound effect on everyone who stays here. Whether you’re sleeping under the stars or enjoying safari tours, this luxury lodge connects you with nature like nothing else.

The housing itself incorporates into the landscape, making it hard to tell where the resort ends, and the wilderness begins. surrounded by the Kruger National park and on 33,000 private acres, this land has endless opportunities for adventure and fun.

The chalet has many unique features, including a multi-media room, full library, interactive kitchen, open floor plan, espresso bar and an all-day deli; basically, anything you could need to enjoy yourself. Activities include cooking classes, photography, guided tours, wine and a spa. The romantic getaway you have been waiting for, is waiting for you in Lebombo.

Each of the three villas has its own flavor and unique character. The only thing left to do is pick the one best suited for you. No two families are alike, and whatever you want can be found in South Africa.